NABH Certified Sharda Hospital and Diagnostic Center

Pre Accredited for (Entry Level) by National Accredition Board for Hospital, New Delhi Period 24 Feb 2019 to 23rd2021 NUMBER PESHCO-2019-1176


You will be happy to note that Sharda Hospital and Diagnostic Center is a Vibrant and acknowledged top player in health sector with commitment to growth, innovation and patient focus as core values.

It is our mission to become a leading player in health business & services, leveraging our core competences and enhancing value to our patients, employees and society.

We are growing because of the selfless efforts of our employees, knowledge partners and collaborators hwo have contributed their valuable time, shown us the path in our way forward and motivated us with their guidance.

We at, Sharda Hospital and Diagnostic Center are committed to our patients with highest level of skill ethical practices and professionalism for total health care. This aim leads to effective care and treatment at affordable cost. We are committed to continued quality improvement in health care.

“Saving Lives” is core to our existence. We believe in making quality tertiary healthcare services accessible and equitable to all.

  • At Sharda Patient come first.
  • Every time and all time as we have to live up to the trust reposed in us.
  • At Sharda we offer quality Healthcare.
  • Delivering knowledge based cutting edge Healthcare.
  • At Sharda we believe in Accessible Healthcare.
  • Innovation to provide affordable healthcare which is within the reach of everyone who needs help.
  • At Sharda we deliver value & growth to Employees, Partners, and Collaborators.


Mr. Sharda

Founding Father

Dr. Umesh Sharda


Dr. Rajeev Sharda

General, Liver & Laproscopic Surgeon